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Michael Cerveris:

Pinstriped Punkrock Glam Hamlet

Michael Cerveris (and Gibson) Fan Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
A community for the discussion and appreciation of the work of Michael Cerveris, including, but not limited to, exchange of pictures, media clips, personal reviews and experiences, etcetera, ad infinitum, ad naseum.

1. Don't spam. Advertise any Michael fan sites, artwork, whatever you want. But if you spam, I will be very very unhappy with you. And bad things happen to people with whom I am unhappy.
2. Don't flame. No bashing. Respect eachother. This is a one warning deal.
3. Feel free to make as many bad jokes as you please- just act as if he's reading what you're saying, so on the off-chance that he does, the humiliation you will suffer afterwards will be entirely your own fault.
4. Let's not objectify the boy too much. I hear rumour he has done one or two noteworthy performances...
5. Don't let irreverence turn into disrespect. Yes, sometimes he makes fashion faux pas, but he is a respected, intelligent and accomplished actor, and is to be treated accordingly.
6. Do NOT paste anything from this forum into any other forum. Bear in mind that things said on other forums (ie: Broadwayworld.com) may not be regulated, and may in fact reach the ears of actors to a negative effect. When in doubt, don't post it.
7. Don't post illegal materials on this site. Please keep all that jazz in private circles- I can't take responsibility for any glaring or suing that may occur as a result.
8. Don't use L337, netspeak, or any other kind of short hand. It annoys me, and everyone else I know. I don't mind 'lol' or 'omg' or shit like that, but, if I see 'omg Michael, u r so cute!!!111!' I will take disciplinary action. With a hatchet.

You know the deal. You break the rules, I warn you once. You do it again, I'll ban you to banned-land. Unless you do something I really don't like, in which case, I will ban you immediately, let you back on, and then ban you again, just for kicks. But since you're an intelligent group of people, it'll probably be pretty easy to avoid doing anything I have herein prohibited. So keep rockin' the Michael ganja (not like that, you pervy monkeys.)